TU Fest 30.3

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Don't miss the legendary TU Fest this Friday, 30th of March. This time back on the campus at Inffeldgasse  25D. Of course with very student friendly prices at the bars (Beer bar, 2 Mixed drinks bars) :-)

Ground floor: Party & Charts
Basement: Electro, Breaks, Minimal, D'n'B

Location: Inffeldgasse 25D

Time: 20:00 doors open (the party ends at 2:00 due to regulations, don't come to late)

Pre-sale tickets: 3€ (Guarantee of entry till 22:30, after that you might need to wait)
Evening tickets: 4€

Free shuttle bus service: KF-round about (Sonnenfelsplatz) - Jakominiplatz - Neue Technik - Inffeldgasse

Pre sale tickets are available at this locations:
Basisgruppe Physik (Neue Technik)
Basisgruppe Telematik (Inffeldgassse)
HTU Rechbauerstraße (Where the ESN office is, but more or less the whole day as long as the secretary is in the office)