You don't get the newsletter any more?

Translation Note: The Englisch version of this content is being displayed because the Deutsch translation is unavailable.

You don't get our weekly newsletter any more since the Easter break? Well, here is the short explanation: Your provider will be blocking our emails. That means at the moment you can not receive our emails (especially if you are a hotmail user!). What  canwe do about it? Nothing. What can you do about it? Nothing except that you could tell us an alternative email address where you'd like to receive the newsletter.

The problem is the result of some uncoutious users giving out their univeristy account credential (passwords). These are also used for the university email system and this resulted in serious spam problems. So now our servers are still blocked by some email providers (especially hotmail) due to resulting spam problems. And basically we don't know how long they will still block us. So as a reminder, please NEVER give away your password to any unknown site (neither the university nor ESN will ever ask you for your password in an email or to 'update' your account. Also pay attention to login only directly to _known_ sites and don't follow any slightly suspicous links in email. Always check where an email link leads you (the actual link might point to a different site than the link text suggests!).