UPDATE ALPS Information - problem with second confirmation emails, wrong status for some people - should be resolved

ATTENTION: Some people who just registered for the ALPS got a wrong email confirmation in the second step!

  • It may contain a wrong price
  • It may contain the wrong status (this means you do not know at the moment if you got a fixed spot or are on the waiting list!)
  • When you lookup your status in the given status link it may state cancelled although you are actually on the waitinglist or got a spot.

This will be corrected according to the actual ranking based on the first step. So do not worry - please be patient at the moment!

The corrected mail will be sent out tonight - but this will take a little bit. We are really sorry for the confusion!


What actually happened?

A lot of people triggered a safety check which should prevent fraud: "You cannot use the ESNcard of another person! Note that your cheating attempt is logged and you are banned from online-registration! You will need to go to the office"

Unless it was really a malicious attempt everyone will have the benefit of the doubt and the rank will be restored according to the original first serve-first come time. Unfortunately this also means some people who seem to have the status "fixed spot" will actually end up on the waiting-list.

The second problem was caused by several people who tried to register multiple times. This is also the reason why it took now so long to figure everything out.


UPDATE: HOW to proceed now?

  • Everyone who actually got a spot should have gotten now a confirmation email (after midnight!) which includes the time-slot for paying in the office on Tuesday evening. Please do so and try to show up at the specified time, thanks.
    This email should now also contain the actual price depending on the options you did choose (double check your price nonetheless). There are two exceptions: If you could not add your ESNcard you don't have the discount yet, same goes for buddies. However your discount will be considered during the payment in the office, so do not worry. Simply bring your card and show it to us.
  • Those who successfully finished the second step but only got a waiting-list place - also you should have gotten a second email now with the correct status. Please do not come to the office tomorrow Tuesday! We are sorry if for some of you the first confirmation email wrongly stated you got a spot! If you have any doubts you can come to the office hour on Wednesday to confirm with us your status is correct (see dispute procedure).
  • Everyone who encountered an error in the second step should also have gotten a second email (same as before). Please try now again to complete the second step! If the system does not accept your ESNcard follow the instruction (leave blank, state your ESNcard number in the last step in the optional comment field). According to the rank you will either get a confirmation about a spot or that you have gotten a waiting-list spot!
  • Everyone who tried to register multiple times - your repeated attempts have been cancelled! Only your first try counts.

DISPUTE procedure:

  • Do not come on Tuesday to the office
  • You may come on Wednesday to check your status but be advised that only your first sign-up try counts. No exceptions will be made! Anyone who tried to register for the first time past 20:10 -> do not come to the office on Wednesday. There is no point in it. You clearly had been too late and are on the waiting-list. Your only chance is if we can get more spots. In that case we will notify the first ranked people on the waiting list.
  • We have 2 spots blocked at the moment just in case we overlooked anything to be sure that anyone who is eligible can get the rightful spot. This means after tomorrow evening if everything is okay the first two people on the waiting-list are very likely to get a spot on Wednesday. We will notify these two persons.