Bärenschützklamm Hiking - Take part, there are still free places! - Now cheaper!

For the Bärenschützklamm trip there are still free places available! It is really an easy tour so everyone can take part and enjoy a beautiful and interessting part of Styria! (Note that Bärenschützklamm is closed during the winter (only open in October anymore) so you can not go there later in this semester! We are glad that we now can offer the trip cheaper. If you have the ESN card the trip now costs only 4 Euro (6 Euro with you don't have an ESN card). (If you already have signed up and payed more: Don't worry. You get the difference back at the trip!). You can find more Information here: English or Deutsch
Last sign up day is Tuesday 24.10.2006 (18:30 - 20:00 KF office, Schuberstr 6a, first floor).