Mentor system for international students

Info for new exchange students: Sing up for a mentor group for summer semester 2019 starts in mid of January

You are an international student and want to take advantage of the mentor system and get to know local students during your exchange semester? If you are going to be a student at TU Graz, then go on reading about how you can take part.

If you're going to study at Karl-Franzens-University, at the University of Applied Sciences (FH Joanneum), Medical University Graz, Campus 02 or University of Fine Arts Graz please have a look here.

Registration for students at TU Graz for summer semester (February-June) 2019: You can create an account. You can choose a mentor starting from mid of January 2019!p>

Your account application has to be reviewed first by one of our staff members. Normally this should happen within 1-5 days.

But how do you become member of a mentor group?

Fairly simply: click on "list mentor group" (you must login first) Then you get an overview list. Before you join you can get more details about the mentor group when you click the link of the group. Then you can read the mentor group description and see some details about the mentors in the group (after you joined the group you will also see more details about the other students). So browse through the groups (only the ones which are not full yet of course) and see which group you like best. There are a few things you should consider when choosing a group:

  • You may want a group where one of the mentors has the same field of study as you. Then he can help you better with issues in lectures or give you hints for exams.

  • If you are coming for the language course before the semester starts you should choose a group where the mentors are already in Graz during the language course.

  • You might want a group where one of the mentors speaks your language or you have a common foreign language. This may be convenient (especially in the beginning) but you are also here to learn German. So it is okay if your only common language is German, you will learn German much faster then.

  • Mentors can give a short self description. Maybe you find someone with the same hobby.

To join a group view the group detail page and click on the join link there and enter some informations about you. Once you joined a group you can not change your choice anymore!
After you joined the group you get the contact details of your mentors. So you can already write them and arrange the first meeting with them.

Mentor group functions:

You can send an email to all group members. You find links to both features on your mentor group site (you must login first).

Attention: Please only join a mentor group if you are really interested! There is a limited number of places available, and if you join a group and do not show up afterwards you're taking away the place of somebody else who might want to join.