• pickup service news for ÖAD dormitories

    This news is only relevant for those students who registered or want to register for the HTU pickup service.

    If you stay at an dormitory run by the ÖAD housing service we can not get the key for you before the date you booked your room. E.g. you booked the room from the 30th of September till the end of the semester. Then we can get the key only at the 30th of September but not before! This means if the the 30th is a Sunday or Saturday we will not be able get the key for you in the week before!

  • Hotmail working again, Accounts soon activated


  • Newsletter unsubscribe not necessary


    In the last newsletter there was a link to unsubscribe from the newsletter. This is not necessary as we will remove everybody before the new semester starts and in the summer there are usually no newsletters send out.

  • Didn't get an email answer? Hotmail, live, msn don't work


    You wrote us an email and didn't get an answer? Well if you have an hotmail, live or msn address your email provider is still blocking our emails. That means we can not send you an email to any hotmail, live or msn address! You must contact us with an alternative email address or else you will not get an answer. We can not change this and we don't know how long this will still be the case (we'll update the news when it works again). Again, this is not our fault but your providers policy which we can't change.

  • ESN summer party cancelled

    We are terribly sorry to announce that the ESN summer party, which was planed to take place tomorrow, is cancelled!
    As you might have probably noticed the sun decided to skip Graz this week and therefore we can't take the risk and have a summer party with rain. Again, we are very sorry for the bad news and hope to see you soon at the next ESN events.

  • You don't get the newsletter any more?

    You don't get our weekly newsletter any more since the Easter break? Well, here is the short explanation: Your provider will be blocking our emails. That means at the moment you can not receive our emails (especially if you are a hotmail user!). What can we do about it? Nothing. What can you do about it? Nothing except that you could tell us an alternative email address where you'd like to receive the newsletter. Read on if you want to know more.

  • TU Fest 30.3


    Don't miss the legendary TU Fest this Friday, 30th of March. This time back on the campus at Inffeldgasse  25D. Read here all the important details.

  • Sport climbing course - interested? Do the survey now


    Did you hear of our first ESN sport climbing course in the winter semester? Yes or no doesn't matter - if you are interested in doing sports climbing this semester you will have the chance with ESN. We will try to organise again one or maybe more sport climbing courses in the summer semester. As it is easier for us to plan if we know more about your whishes please fill out the survey now.

  • Massive problems by TU-Graz e-mail system - ESN not affected

    ATENTION: From Friday night 9th of March 2012 till at least Monday morning 12th of March there had been massive problems at the TU-Graz e-mail server.

    Be aware that at least a few e-mails were lost during that timeframe and there still can be problems like delayed emails! As we are running on our ESN emails on a different server we have not been affected but might receive emails with a delay due to system load.

    For more information click HERE

  • ESN Ski trip - still want to go?


    Well, there have been a few cancellations (illness, really important exams) and not everybody from the waiting list is still able to go...yes that means: You still have the chance to get a spot for our amazing ski trip! Read here about the trip and come to our office as soon as possible to sign up!