Social Erasmus Share & Care


Share & Care - Donate your old stuff for a good cause!

Time has passed by so fast and you have to leave Graz soon, but you do not know what to do with the things you bought here and don’t want to take back home?

What about doing something good at the end of your stay by donating household stuff (towels, bed sheets, dish towels, kitchen ware, etc…) to refugees, who are in need of every piece they can get?

Does that sound good? Yes, we know it does!

So this is how it works:

Bring your usable stuff/kitchen utensils/dishes/furniture/love letters/plants … to our offices (ÖH and HTU) during our office hours, starting with Tuesday, 20th of January 2015. We will than bring all the collected stuff by end of January or beginning of February to the refugee camp of the Diakonie in Deutschfeistritz. If you are still here at the beginning of February and want to know where your staff will be delivered and how a refugee camp is organized, you are welcomed to join us, just tell us, when you are bringing us your donations.

IMPORTANT! Please just bring stuff, which really can be used and are not broken or dirty!


In the name of the whole ESN GRAZ team sincere thanks are given to all share&carers!

More information about the SocialErasmus project