(Dis)Ability Workshop

Thu, 2017-03-23 (All day)

During the ExchangeAbility-Week ESN sections all over Europe focus on raising awareness about the struggles of people with disabilities, who are often socially excluded because the society is not built for their needs. We aim for a more inclusive society, enabling people with disabilities to go on exchange semesters and join ESN. This workshop has the purpose to make you think about small actions each and every one of us can take in order to create a more inclusive society.

When: Thursday, 23rd of March 2017, 6:30pm

Where: Universitätsstraße 15, Resowi-Center, SZ15.22 (2nd floor, building part G)

Costs: 5€ deposit (which you will get back at the event)

Sign-up: During our office hours, from 14th to 22nd of March 2017

PLEASE NOTE: When you take part in one of our trips, you do so at your own risk! We do not take any responsibility! Make sure that you have an appropriate insurance!