Update: Solved Server certificate expired

UPDATE: Issue is solved

Unfortunately the security certificate for the server on which our site is hosted has expired. The admins are informed and are working on renewing it. Till then your browser may warn you about an insecure connection. We hope our service-provider can solve this inconvenient situation as soon as possible.

The certificate was valid till 30.05.2018 and has these fingerprints / serial numbers:

- SHA-256: 4D:58:28:C2:DE:14:19:8C:C4:2C:68:B6:51:63:B5:F7:36:D8:40:F6:4B:36:A1:BA:90:AD:22:53:1D:B5:23:48

- SHA1: 68:9A:92:43:55:1F:90:19:AF:C8:6E:D5:8D:D2:40:A4:6A:0D:36:B2

- serial number 05:A4:2A:D3:86:6B:F6:D4:B0:C2:98:29:8B:84:3E:4A

If these are matching then you are connected to the right server and all data will still be transferred securely.