First dates to get ESN card and free sim card

Everyone already in Graz can now get the ESN card (in our office only for students studying at the TU Graz!).
You get more information about the card here.

There are two dates to get the ESN card (there will be more, so don't worry if you arrive later):

- Tomorrow 6.9.2007 after you got the TUGCards and the campus walk is finished
- Tuesday 11.9.2007 from 18:30 - 19:30

Both times it is in our office (HTU Büro) in Rechbauerstr. 12, ground floor. If you enter through the main entrance take the hallway on the right side. It is the last door on the right side.

To get the card faster please create an account on our website here (only those who haven't created an account yet):

Please bring a passport size photo (printout is fine too), 2 Euro for the card and an id.

We didn't receive the free sim-cards yet. But if you get the ESN card tomorrow (6.9) we will note if you want one and you can then get it during the general office hours as soon as they arrived. In urgent cases we can give out temporary sim-cards but you have to exchange them for a new one as soon as they arrived. On Tuesday we should have the new sim-cards already.