Our offices are opened for you the whole year...

  • Tuesday, 18:30 - 20:00*
  • Wednesday, 19:30 - 20:30**
  • Friday, 11:00 - 12:00*

*) office at University of Graz   /   **) office at Graz University of Technology


...except as follows - NO office hours during:

  • July, August
  • Christmas holidays
  • Easter holidays
  • act of nature beyond our control (restrictions by the Austrian government, e.g. situation due to coronavirus)


NOTE: Additionally to our office hours, you will reach us via mail the whole year (without exceptions), but you might give us some time to work on your requests, gather the information and coordinate ourself in the background.

Maybe on our website you might also find the information you were searching for even faster!

Nevertheless you are very welcomed in our office hours! :-)



Things you mainly will get during our office hours:

  • personal advice and help to your individual issues and problems
  • information about our services
  • get to know the ESN team :)
  • sign up for events
  • the ESNcard and all the advantages, that come with (for buddies and exchange students from all universities)
  • free mobile phone SIM card (in combination to your ESNcard)



ESN office at University of Graz

How to get to our office:

Enter the building, walk straight and through the door and climb the stairs to the mezzanine (all the offices of the students' union as well as our office are on this floor). Step through the door on the right and turn right. Then walk towards the end of the hallway. Look for a sign that says ESN on your right hand side while walking.


ESN office at Graz University of Technology

  • located in the rooms of the students' union (HTU Graz)
  • office from the Department for International Affairs and ESN TU Graz
  • all people are welcomed, not just those from TU Graz!


located in the main building of TU Graz, at Rechbauerstraße 12 (campus Alte Technik)

(link to floor map: exact office location)


How to get to our office:

Enter the building via the main entrance, turn right through the glass door, walk straight the corridor and use the last door on your right hand side. This is the office of the students' union and a sign that says ESN should also be in front of the door.



International Office - Welcome Center of the TU Graz

In case you need something "official" (a change of your learning agreement, etc.) please contact the international office of the TU Graz. This is the office that you dealt with at your arrival, it's the office of the TU Graz itself that's concerned with exchange students. We do of course cooperate with them very close, but we're otherwise not affiliated to them.