Mentor system overview

Mentors are students of our university, who will take care of international students. One important thing to know is that they do not get paid for this. They do it in their free time! Ideally this starts when the international students arrive and may continues until the end of the semester. They are there for helping you with problems and to get you quicker into the Austrian way of life. International students have the choice to take part or not. But we really recommend everyone to take part. At some universities it is quite common to call the "mentors" "buddies".

At the TU Graz the mentor system is organised in groups. A group consists of 1 to 3 mentors. Depending on the number of mentors 1-6 international students can join this group.

What can you expect of your mentor group?
That mainly depends of course on the people who are in the group. There are no rules except one: Ask the mentors for help when you have problems and they will try their best to help you.
A group can also for example provide:

  • going out together
  • help each other with administration tasks at university
  • sports activities
  • ...

Read a little bit more about it in the following sections written for mentors or international students.