Massive problems by TU-Graz e-mail system - ESN not affected

Translation Note: The Englisch version of this content is being displayed because the Deutsch translation is unavailable.

ATENTION: From Friday night 9th of March 2012 till at least Monday morning 12th of March there had been massive problems at the TU-Graz e-mail server.

Be aware that at least a few e-mails were lost during that timeframe and there still can be problems like delayed emails! As we are running on our ESN emails on a different server we have not been affected but might receive emails with a delay due to system load.

Keep in mind that the INTERNATIONAL OFFICE of the TU-Graz is AFFECTED as well by this problem! Keep this in mind if you sent them an e-mail or if you expect your home university to send them an e-mail. Important e-mails may have been lost and you might need to send them again.

If you need something from the International office, the best way might be to call them or to go to their office, see details at their Homepage.

It is not known till when the problem can be solved completely. The ZID (Zentral Informatik Dienst) is working on its solution. You can read their updates in THIS FEED (which is the most reliable source for any ZID announcements. It is also mirrored at the news server. See here for all options to receive the ZID announcements).

As we have our own server, our ESN e-mail is NOT AFFECTED by this problem, so we still receive all e-mail you send us.