About us


We're both a section of the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) and a department of the students' union of the Graz University of Technology (HTU). We are thus ESN TU Graz and the Department for International Affairs of the HTU.
ESN is an international student network that works towards improving student mobility, represents the needs of exchange (e.g. Erasmus) students towards various organisations, governments, etc., and takes care of exchange students on a local level. ESN is the biggest student association in Europe. It was born on the 16th October 1989 and legally registered in 1990 for supporting and developing student exchange. ESN TU Graz is the oldest section in Austria (1992). To get a lot of interesting information, some numbers as well as what it's about, please check out the website of our international organisation. Maybe you're interested in joining the ESN section of your hometown or founding one of your own, after your stay in Graz?!
The HTU is the so called "HochschülerInnenschaft an der TU Graz" - which means that it's the local branch of Austria's students' union. The students union is the legal representative body of all Austrian students - which also includes you as an exchange student. On a university level it is devided into several departments, on of which is the department for international affairs - and that's us.
Since the goals of the two organizations are so similar they're united into one and the same thing at our university (this is not the case at all Austrian universities).
We are not affiliated to ESN Uni Graz/Department for International Affairs of the ÖH of the University of Graz which is the equivalent organization of the Karl Franzens University (KFU). We do however work together with them and plan all of our activities together.
We are also not the "International Office - Welcome Center of the TU Graz" (even though the difference in writing is subtle, this is a different organisation). That is the office that you dealt with at your arrival, it's the office of the TU Graz itself that's concerned with exchange students. We do of course cooperate with them very close, but we're otherwise not affiliated to them.
We're organising journeys, other activities and parties for exchange students in Graz, and we participate in activities of ESN on the national and on an international level to foster the erasmus experience. For example, every year we join the annual general meeting of ESN where all decisions about the future of ESN are decided.
Our team consists of motivated students, so we're doing our work on a voluntary basis without any payment in our free time.
Our office is located in Rechbauerstraße 12 in the rooms of the students' union. So this is also the office of the department for international affairs and it is used by ESN TU Graz, not by ESN Uni Graz. But we await and welcome all exchange students from all universities of Graz during our office hours, not just from TU Graz!


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