SE Clothes Swapping

Fri, 2016-12-02 19:30

cloth swapping image

Are you bored of your old clothes? Are you looking for some winter clothes? You don`t want to spendmoney? We have the perfect solution for you: join our Clothes Swapping Party. 

When: 2nd of December 2016, 7:30pm 
Where: Graz University of Technology, Rechbauerstraße 12, HS2
Sign up: During our office hours, from 23rd of November until 2nd of December 2016 OR before the event from 6:30pm until 7:15pm in front of HS2 
Costs: 2 EUR with ESNcard and 4 EUR without ESNcard (buffet and drinks included) 


The rules are really easy: 
1. Register for the event during the ESN office hours or an hour before the events starts in front of HS2.Bring your clothes you want to swap (everything apart socks and underwear but bags and shoes are allowed) to the registration. Clothes have to be washed, without stains and in good condition. 
2. For every piece you get a token. The maximum number of clothes you can bring is 10. 
3. You have to pay a small fee but a delicious buffet (drinks included) is waiting for you at the event. 
4. Come to the Clothes Swapping Party and browse for your new favorite pieces in a nice and relaxing atmosphere. In case you are getting hungry, a buffet is awaiting you. 
5. Every token can be exchanged for one piece of clothing (pair of shoes, bags). You don`t necessarily have to use up all your tokens. 
6. The clothes which didn`t find a new owner will be donated to the charity organization Caritas 
If you have, bring your own shopping bag for your chosen clothes because there is just a limited number of free bags. 


PLEASE NOTE: When you take part in one of our trips or events, you do so at your own risk! We do not take any responsibility! Make sure that you have an appropriate insurance!